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We focus on small-batch wine with a sense of spirit, curiosity, and adventure.


The Story of

Have you ever shared a meal with a fox? Or exchanged a friendly nod with one on the street? What are the chances you’ve held a fox in a passionate embrace? Maybe you’ve accepted heartfelt advice from one? Or been offered the chance of a lifetime by a crafty telemarketing fox?

According to Japanese folklore, you’ve probably been interacting with foxes most of your life. Kitsune are shape-shifting foxes who live among us, carrying supernatural abilities that grow stronger with age and wisdom. Weaving themselves into everyday life undetected, they can be mischievous pranksters, devoted allies, adoring lovers or dedicated guardians.

So, how can you help arm yourself against supernatural foxes? It’s as simple as “moshi moshi. Fortunately for us mortals, this two-word greeting is too tricky for their tongues to master. Repeating moshi twice to say hello confirms that you are not a kitsune, but a friend instead.

While we at Ghost Fox Winery won’t confirm whether or not we’re shape- shifting foxes, we do believe in magic. We believe in the magic of a good bottle of wine and the way it can shape an ordinary evening into the start of a legend. Gather around a table with friends, tell your stories and hope that one day they become their own folklore. Say moshi moshi. Or don’t and see where the night takes you.



Josh is co-owner of Ghost Fox Winery. His love for wine and vineyards began in 2011 when he dove into vineyard work while Mallory finished her PhD. Watching the vines grow throughout the season and helping them to flourish expanded his appreciation of what care and dedication went into each bottle of wine. When he left the United States Marine Corps in 2021 to pursue his dream of owning a winery he knew it would be a great new adventure for his family and one he hopes those who enjoy Ghost Fox wines join them on.


Mallory is our head Winemaker at Ghost Fox Winery. She loves to experiment with wine and isn’t afraid to go outside the lines when it comes to creating unique flavors. She has been making wine for over a decade and is driven by the way every batch can tell a story. In fact, her first few batches of wine, which were made in their small military base-home in Japan for friends, helped write the story of Ghost Fox Winery.


Quality is Our Priority

Our focus is simple – we are dedicated to creating wines that are unparalleled in taste by using only the highest quality ingredients. That’s why we’re honored to wear the badge of Kentucky Proud! We are a small business with deep Kentucky roots. We firmly believe that exceptional wines start with exceptional ingredients, which is why we take great care in sourcing our grapes and fruits from the very best growers out there!