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With Spirit

We believe that wine is not just a beverage

It's a Story

Waiting to Be Told


We’re a micro-winery with massive dreams. We focus on small-batch wine with a sense of spirit, curiosity and adventure. Sure, we could boast about our killer ingredients, impeccable process and general distinction. We could use all the industry jargon and chase the newest buzzwords.

But that’s not our vibe.

We want to help others discover their own story through wine - And have a damn good time doing it.

The magic of a good bottle of wine

We’ve spent most of our lives shifting from place to place, chasing our dreams (and sometimes our tails). We’ve been around the world, disguised as a winery chemist, vineyard manager, scientist, mental health tech, a Captain in the US Marine Corps and plenty more. In 2017 we found ourselves called to Japan, a move that would help write the story of Ghost Fox Winery. Throughout our travels, we conjured up visions of opening a winery in our home state of Kentucky and sharing our love of good wine and good stories with the place where our adventure began.

Have You Ever

Had a Meal with a Fox?

According to Japanese folklore, you’ve probably been interacting with foxes most of your life.

Say “Moshi Moshi” and click the button below to hear the legend of the fox and the iconic symbol behind the brand.

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