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Spicy Cucumber


This wine is like a person who’s tough on the outside but a real softie on the inside. It’s got a kick of jalapeno and refreshing cucumber notes, but it’s also light and easy to drink. Perfect for sipping alone or with friends. Serve it chilled and pair it with your favorite snack – this wine can handle anything.

Flavor Notes

Food Pairings

It was the night of adventure. I had finally decided to take the plunge and try something bold: a red wine! After much research, I chose an Old Vine Zinfandel – one that promised a flavorful punch and take me on a journey around the world.

The first sip was like taking a bite of Kentucky’s smokiest crop. The flavor exploded in my mouth as if I’d taken a trip to the Southern US without ever leaving home. It was remarkable! 

I’m glad I chose this particular type of red wine for beginners; it certainly lived up to its expectations! If you’re ready to explore some bolder flavors and embark on your own tasty journey then don’t hesitate – get yourself an Old Vine Zin today!