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Un-oaked Chardonnay


We don’t believe in aging our Chardonnay in Oak. We prefer to let the fruit do the talking. And boy, does it talk. Our Un-oaked Chardonnay sings with notes of pear, nectarine, and citrus, like a choir of summer flavors. It’s like sunshine in a glass and it loves to mingle with grilled chicken and veggies. Bring on the BBQ!

Flavor Notes

Food Pairings

It was the night of adventure. I had finally decided to take the plunge and try something bold: a red wine! After much research, I chose an Old Vine Zinfandel – one that promised a flavorful punch and take me on a journey around the world.

The first sip was like taking a bite of Kentucky’s smokiest crop. The flavor exploded in my mouth as if I’d taken a trip to the Southern US without ever leaving home. It was remarkable! 

I’m glad I chose this particular type of red wine for beginners; it certainly lived up to its expectations! If you’re ready to explore some bolder flavors and embark on your own tasty journey then don’t hesitate – get yourself an Old Vine Zin today!